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Experts are well screened and well qualified...

“I highly recommend OnPoint. The experts are well screened, well qualified and carefully selected for the issues specific to each case.”  E. C., Esq. Pittsburgh, PA.

“Mindy responds to all of my calls for help quickly and with great courtesy. She and her team have never failed to assist me in a time of need to find the expert I need in the quickest and most cost efficient way possible.” R. Lebovits, Esq. Zarwin Baum, Philadelphia, PA.

“Donna was awesome in the GT trial.  She knew the record and her testimony resulted in a $650,000 verdict in a very difficult county.  we already settled the nursing home portion as you know.  Thank you for having her work on this case.” C. Culleton, Esq. Swartz & Culleton, Newtown, PA.

“In the battle of credibility, a testifying expert witness balances the scales.  And that is exactly what Mindy and OnPoint provided.” Personal Injury Firm, New Jersey

“With OnPoint’s expert reports, we had the evidence to resolve our case and got a higher settlement for our client.  I was very pleased.” J. Flynn, Esq. Tucson, AZ.

Brings the client’s experience to life...

“The visual presentation OnPoint created helped the jury understand the damages to our client – and we won our case.” W. Emerick, Esq. Stuart & Branigin, Lafayette, IN.

“Soon after I presented my opponents with the detailed Pain and Suffering Report that OnPoint delivered, they significantly increased their settlement offer. The Report proved to be a very worthwhile investment.” Mark Sereni, Esq. Di’Orio & Sereni, Media PA.

“Mindy provides a professional, impartial, detailed analysis of the medical records. She has the ability to translate the patient’s chart and bring the client’s hospital experience to life.” L. Finney, Esq. Levy Baldante, Philadelphia, PA.

“Thank you for the graphic timeline of DL’s care. It impressed the mediator and opposing counsel and we successfully settled at mediation.”  N. Axe, Esq. Willow Grove, PA.

“The nurse who attended my clients’ DME not only was my eyes and ears but the report was great and she gave my nervous client support.” R. Stoloff, Esq. Linwood, N.J.


We don’t really look to anyone else...

“You ladies are the best. You make my job so much easier knowing that I have dependable and reliable professionals that take pride in what they do. I know how hard you ladies work and I know you are on point. The lawyers at my office  are so impressed with your company and the quality of your work that we don’t really look to anyone else when our clients are in need, the first thing they yell is call Mindy Cohen’s office!!” Paralegal, Personal Injury Firm, New Jersey.

“I have worked with Mindy and her team for years and the dedication and quality they bring to every case is always impressive.”  C. Culleton, Esq. Swartz & Culleton, Newtown, PA.

Easy to work with, quick and efficient...

“OnPoint provided me access to a variety of experts who were qualified to review a varied group of injuries and factual scenarios. They were flexible and provided reports and reviews within the parameters I set for them.” Ian Moss, Esq. Reddick Moss, Philadelphia, PA.

“OnPoint was easy to work with and they provided reviews and chronologies quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Mindy Cohen’s group to anyone looking for high quality merit screens and qualified experts.” G. Badey, Esq. Badey Sloane & DiGenova, Philadelphia, PA.

Nurse reviewers with impeccable credentials...

“Mindy and her nurses help me prepare topics that need to be covered, questions that need to be asked, find research to support and challenge my claims, and most importantly, they highlight where the healthcare system breakdown and let the patient fall through the cracks. Having this knowledge early in the case makes discovery and deposition ultimately more successfully.” K. Kuehner, Esq. Syracuse, NY.

“I settled another auto case that you worked on for the policy limit. I really understood the case strengths and weaknesses I had to deal with and your charts highlighted my clients’ injuries perfectly.” W. Emerick, Esq. Stuart & Branigan, Lafayette, IN.

“Mindy Cohen and OnPoint were extremely helpful in providing Merit reviews and Certificates of Merit for my nursing home and medical malpractice cases. She was able to provide me with a number of quality nurse reviewers with impeccable credentials in order to facilitate the filing of a number of my cases.”  Ian Moss, Esq. Reddick Moss, Philadelphia, PA.

Her fee is modest...

“My firm has used Mindy Cohen several times, and has been very pleased with her services. If Mindy herself cannot testify, she can point you in the right direction. Her fee for connecting you with an expert is modest.” Mark Sereni, Esq. DiOrio & Sereni, Media, PA.

“I realized that I was becoming overwhelmed in medical records spending tremendous time evaluating cases for merit.  Initial telephone and in person screening suggested to me they were strong cases but once records were acquired, it was taking me months to find time to organize and carefully analyze them. With Mindy and her team, I have completely eliminated that delay. I immediately transfer the records or my case memo and can discuss the case, often in a few days. I get a detailed screening memo with strengths, weaknesses, missing records and alerts that need to be resolved. For a fraction of the cost of my time, I am getting a dramatic head start on helping my clients and their families.” K. Kuehner, Esq. Syracuse, N.Y.

They're their for us...

It takes a team to help our clients. The OnPoint team takes the time to understand how I plan to prosecute a case and help me to understand the medicine.  I have come to rely heavily on the insight they bring to my cases.” K. Kuehner, Esq. Syracuse, N. Y.

“Dr. S. came through in his testimony. I will stand in front of your booth at next year’s CLE with a sign saying “Mindy Cohen saved me by finding an expert urgently”.” M. Fridkin, Esq. Schmidt, Kerfides, Fridkin, Media, PA.

“Thank you for introducing us to Dr. T. He understands the liability and what I need perfectly.”  M. Scanlon, Esq. Scanlon & Wojton, Pittsburgh, PA.

Everything is so well tied in...

“The report is very thorough and everything is so well tied in. Mindy, thanks for having Sue work on this file. She did an amazing job.”


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