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Legal Nurse Consulting

What Legal Nurse Consulting Can Do for Your Case

A legal nurse consultant bridges the gap between medicine and the law in litigation. Since medical records form the basis of claims, OnPoint legal nurses provide you with an analysis crucial to developing a winning case.
Experienced OnPoint legal nurse consultants can be an integral part of your legal strategy and make you smarter than your adversary.

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Our Standards

OnPoint legal nurse consultants will only work on your case if they have experience with the issues in your claim; this allows us to be thorough, efficient and cost-effective.

We utilize a working knowledge of medical standards of care, JCAHO standards, clinical practice guidelines as well as managed care requirements and literature research to analyze your case. You’ll have the facts you need to build your case or take apart your opponent’s case.

Our work is on time, on budget and always OnPoint.

Trust Us to Be Impartial

You can count on us to give you an impartial opinion based on the medical facts. If your case lacks merit, we will tell you why, so you can determine if you need to go in a new direction. On the other hand, we’ll point out the strengths of a winning case and inform your strategy.


Be Smarter Than Your Adversary

Get the facts you need for your case from the medical records and literature so you’ll be armed and ready in any face off with opposing counsel. We uncover the details and find the smoking gun that can give you the edge.

The job of an OnPoint Legal Nurse Consultant is to assure you have the medical knowledge and  facts to present your case intelligently and the right expert to deliver compelling testimony.

Never Be Blindsided by the Other Side.

We build you a stronger case by highlighting strengths and exposing weaknesses.
Through our timelines and analysis of the medical records, you can anticipate your opponent’s position, plan your strategy and avoid unpleasant surprises in court.
When you have the facts nailed down, you’ll never be blindsided.

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How We Support the Attorneys We Serve

Legal Nurse Consulting can provide support for attorneys in Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, Product Liability, Workers Compensation and Criminal cases with:

Strategic medical records analysis:

  • Preparing medical summaries and timelines
  • Screening cases for merit
  • Identifying the critical medical issues in the records
  • Identifying missing records
  • Finding inconsistencies that expose weaknesses
  • Explaining injuries and their long-term impact on your client
  • Explaining relevance of past medical history and pre-existing conditions on your case
  • Identifying potential defendants and types of experts needed
  • Discussing likely defenses
  • Creating medical cost projections
  • Attending DMEs
  • Preparing pain and suffering analysis reports

Trial Support

  • Organizing and indexing records to prepare you for trial
  • Locating testifying experts
  • Developing deposition/cross examination questions
  • Summarizing depositions
  • Creating visual presentations to illustrate complex material


The smallest detail can make a difference in winning your case.

Before you get to a courtroom, you need to have your opponent locked down.
Our job is to make sure you have the information you need to make yours a winning case.
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Mindy Cohen and OnPoint were easy to work with and they provided reviews and chronologies quickly and efficiently. I would recommend her group to anyone looking for high quality merit screens and qualified experts."

Mindy provides a professional, impartial, detailed analysis of the medical records. She has the ability to translate the patient’s chart and bring the client’s hospital experience to life."

I highly recommend Mindy Cohen and OnPoint. Their experts are well screened, well qualified and carefully selected for the issues specific to each case."

Mindy Cohen and OnPoint were extremely helpful in providing Merit reviews and Certificates of Merit for my nursing home and medical malpractice cases."

Mindy Cohen and OnPoint has never failed to assist me in a time of need to find the expert I need in the quickest and most cost efficient way."

Mindy Cohen and OnPoint 'get it' and they're there for us. It's that simple."

Our firm is so impressed with your company and the quality of your work that we don’t really look to anyone else when our clients are in need. The first thing Mr. Lide yells is "Call Mindy Cohen’s office!!"

I want dependable and reliable professionals that take pride in what they do. I know how hard you work and I know your work is always right on point."

I have worked with you for years and the dedication and quality you bring to every project is always impressive."