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Medical Case Evaluation

Medical Case Evaluation: Have the Facts, Get a Better Outcome.

Convincing your opponent what your case is worth rests on marshaling the evidence that makes your case compelling.
Knowing the facts in the medical records can help you understand the medicine, better represent your client, and save you and your staff time and effort.
Get a thoroughly researched, meticulously prepared medical case evaluation report with substantiated facts you can count on to make your case.

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Analyzing medical records

A comprehensive review and analysis of medical records in injury or illness cases is an integral part of what we do. You have a story to tell to the jury and having the facts and evidence substantiated by an OnPoint legal nurse consultant builds your credibility and achieves a better outcome.

Creating Timelines

A Legal Nurse Consultant sifts through the records to create a timeline of critical events that serves as a working document throughout the case. We are licensed users of CaseMap which allows us to create customized timelines to fit your needs. The timeline can be a valuable guide to the medical record for your expert as it contains facts only and where to find the facts in the medical record.

OnPoint Medical Case Evaluation and Record Analysis

Our concise analysis on personal injury cases are crucial to building your case. We explain strengths and weaknesses related to liability, causation and damages; identify missing records, causation and prognosis statements, inconsistencies in the records and an injury list noting new or aggravated conditions. Learn more about OnPoint

Determining if a case has merit—before you start

Before a plaintiff attorney takes a medical malpractice or nursing home case, we can give you a preliminary assessment of its merit. Our consultants are unbiased and loyal only to the facts, so you can count on their fairness. If a case lacks merit, you can reevaluate your strategy without wasting more time and money. If you are a defense attorney, knowing a case is not easily defendable will help you make an educated decision on recommendations to the carrier.

Stack-of-medical-records for case evaluation

A Review of medical records can include:

  • Screening to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessing alleged damages or injuries
  • Preparing medical summaries and timelines
  • Differentiating liability and causation issues
  • Identifing gaps in treatment
  • Explaining relevance of past medical history and co-morbidities
  • Identifying missing records
  • Identifying potential defendants
  • Explaining likely defenses
  • Identifying potential deposition questions
  • Defining standards of care
  • Preparing a damages summary
  • Preparing a Pain and Suffering analysis
  • Medical cost projections
  • Developing a Cost Projection or Life Care Plan
  • Organizing records
  • Helping you form the basis for your case strategy
  • Identifying action items to move forward

Will these findings affect your case?

Reviewing medical records can reveal at least:

  • Crucial medical details the plaintiff did not share with attorneys
  • Tampering
  • Incorrect dosage of medication or prescription drug abuse
  • Inappropriate therapies
  • Inaccurate diagnosis
  • Noncompliance
  • Adherence to standards of care
  • Inaccurate assessment of damages



An unbiased opinion will inform your strategy.

Your thoroughly researched and organized case reports will contribute to the foundation of your medical knowledge and case strategy with an unbiased narrative of what occurred.

The answers are in the medical records and OnPoint will find them.


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OnPoint’s expert nurse consultants provide the unbiased case review you need to inform your strategy.
Our timeline and analysis can give you an advantage in court. Be prepared.

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