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Economic Damages Analysis

Gain Control of the Medical Costs with an Economic Damages Analysis

How do you know if the hospital bills are accurate? How do you anticipate future costs of therapy, medications, equipment, surgeries or at home care will be? Do you need a life care plan or will a cost projection suffice? OnPoint’s team of certified coders, billing auditors and life care planners prepare reports and testify to justify the case numbers.

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Why determining reasonable costs in your case matters:

  • You need to justify the charges in your case meet usual and customary charges.
  • You are looking at a hospital bill and say, $150,000 for a simple knee injury and an overnight admission. How can that be?
  • Your client, the plaintiff, will need a total hip replacement 15 years from now. How much will that cost?
  • The plaintiff will need medical equipment, handicapped vans, home attendants, physical therapy – for years. What will that cost be and how can I justify it?
  • As the defense attorney, you suspect your adversary’s life care planner has included items that are not related. Can any costs be pared down?

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Our team of certified coders, life care planners and nurse auditors help you gain control of the medical numbers with an expert Economic Damages Analysis.




Here's what you'll get in a Economic Damages Analysis

  • Billing audits that determine reasonable and necessary charges performed by certified coders, billing auditors and nurses who will testify
  • Identifying procedures and care unrelated to the plaintiff’s injuries
  • Cost Projections of future medical or surgical care in less complex cases
  • Life care plans to support or refute the plaintiff’s cost of future care
  • A sound basis for calculating medical costs and settlement value

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