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Our testifying experts are Board Certified physicians, nurses and allied health care providers who are practicing clinicians, vetted and willing to appear live at trial. We have a vast network of Medical Expert Witnesses in all clinical specialties and...

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Life Care Plans
Medical Cost Projections
Pain and Suffering Analysis
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Our reports have proven to get better results for our attorneys and ultimately, made life better for their clients.

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Legal Nurse Consulting & Medical Expert Witnesses


The medical-legal team at OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting has been proven to help plaintiffs’ attorneys maximize their case value and win their case through qualified expert witnesses, legal nurse consulting and comprehensive litigation support.

Providing support to attorneys in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and nationwide

  • Are you swamped with medical records you have no time to review?
  • Do you wonder if the case you just received has any merit?
  • Do you have a complex medical case you need to have a better understanding of?
  • Do you need to know if you are missing key medical records in a case?
  • Would it be a huge help to have a narrative summary and analysis of that stack of medical records that have been sitting on your desk?

For over 25 years, OnPoint has been helping attorneys make their cases to judges, juries, and insurance companies in courtrooms throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and across the country. With our help, you’ll be better prepared than your adversary, armed with a strong understanding of the medical issues in your case and ready to avoid the “land mines” in medical records that can too easily trip up or trap the unwary attorney.

Injury cases are often challenging and complex when it comes to proving the nature and extent of the injury, how it happened, and who was responsible. OnPoint can help you prove your case with medical expert testimony and trial graphics. Even before you ever decide to file a case, OnPoint’s legal nurse consultants can help you better understand the medical issues in your case, including causation and damages, so you’ll go into the case with a good sense of what the case is worth and what you’ll have to prove, along with any potential pitfalls you are likely to encounter.

Comprehensive Litigation Support

OnPoint works with nurses and experts needed to help you better understand the medical issues in your case. This includes behind-the-scenes medical record analysis to expert opinions by nurses and physicians and many other healthcare professionals who are clinically active and highly skilled in understanding the applicable standards of care and determining whether or not the standards of care have been breached.

You can trust our experts to deliver high-quality testimony in depositions and trials. With nearly three decades of experience, our team has handled a wide variety of cases including:

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Nursing Home and Long-Term Care
  • Wound Care
  • Wrongful Death
  • Workers’ Compensation

Medical Expert Witness

Before you ever file a lawsuit, a medical expert can screen your case for merit, including completing any certificate of merit or affidavit of merit if required. An expert witness can provide you with the opinions and reports that will give you a clear understanding of the issues in your case. Our testifying experts include Board Certified physicians, nurses and allied health care providers who are practicing clinicians, vetted and willing to appear at trial.

In addition, OnPoint provides expert assistance in the evaluation of damages, including both economic damages and pain and suffering analyses. Our network also includes certified life care planners who can create a roadmap for your client outlining future medical costs and needs. We perform medical costs projections and bill reviews to help ensure you aim for the right settlement or judgment. Finally, our certified MSA providers will determine which portion of the plaintiff’s future medical costs are Medicare eligible and provide you with any necessary documentation or required reporting.

Legal Nurse Consulting

A legal nurse consultant bridges the gap between medicine and the law in litigation. Our team can retrieve your medical records, organize and index them, list missing records, provide a case summary and a detailed chronology of significant events and issues to ensure you are not blindsided by anything in the medical record. We don’t simply “recreate” the records; we summarize all the key medical information critical to your case strategy.

Our nurses can also attend defense medical examinations as a source of comfort to your clients and to be your “eyes” there. They will observe the examination, provide a written report, and create a rebuttal report or testify if needed. The nurse can also ensure that your client isn’t asked to answer questions, sign documents, or undergo exams not authorized by you that could harm your case. They can also contact you immediately if the provider attempts to exclude the nurse from observing the exam.

Trial Graphics

As a trial lawyer, you understand the value that visual aids bring to helping juries clearly see and understand the points you want to make. OnPoint can provide trial graphics, medical charts, illustrations and PowerPoint presentations that help you make your case in a compelling and persuasive fashion. Medical care timelines, causation and damages charts, and before and after presentations, can help explain complex medical concepts or show what your client has been through in an understandable fashion, whether you are educating the judge, jury, opposing counsel, mediator or insurance company adjustors.

Full-Service Litigation Support, Responsive to Your Needs

We know that your case is on a schedule, and you can’t afford to wait around when you need an expert opinion, trial graphics, or a medical record review. We respond quickly to requests, are skilled, professional, easy to work with and have the experienced needed to help support your cases.

Case Studies

Our work has allowed plaintiffs’ attorneys to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, determine appropriate settlement values or decide whether the case was worth pursuing. Our research has helped lawyers establish liability and damages for significant settlements and verdicts.

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Pain Pain and suffering

Jane F. alleged her physician missed diagnosing her cancer. OnPoint assisted the plaintiff attorney to present a description of Jane’s pain and suffering. Our research and medical records review aided us in developing an illustrated report. We delineated the events of the medical care and provided an explanation of the symptoms the plaintiff experienced as a result of the physician’s failure to diagnosis the patient’s cancer earlier. Our trial testimony as an expert fact witness allowed the jury to understand the injuries, the patient’s symptoms and treatment and how she was affected. The plaintiff received a 6 figure verdict at trial.

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Billing Billing Audit Plaintiff

Juan M. was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Our client asked us to evaluate the medical expenses, which exceeded $1.5 million from 10 healthcare providers including 2 hospitals and surgery. The certified medical auditor evaluated each charge and provided a report to our client, the plaintiff’s attorney, substantiating the usual, customary, and reasonable fee schedules. As a result, our medical auditor’s findings permitted the attorney to respond appropriately to defense challenges of the charges the client incurred. Our client used the comprehensive report to go to mediation and recover over $1 million for medical care.

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Billing Audit Billing Audit Defense

We are often asked to evaluate if charges incurred by an insured plaintiff are reasonable based on the injury and the prior medical history of the patient. Our certified medical auditors analyze each charge, utilizing the medical records, to identify those charges which are related to the accident and those charges that are related to prior medical history. In a recent defense case, Susan W. claimed she was injured on public property. She asserted she had $1.2 million in medical expenses. Our auditor demonstrated the relevant charges related to the accident totaled only $9,000. Based on our recommendations, the defense attorney was able to ...

Expert Expert Witness Location

Robert W’s spouse filed a claim asserting her husband died of heart failure after a liver transplant. The plaintiff attorney asked us to locate a cardiology expert to review the case for causation. After researching minimal records and authoritative literature associated with liver transplants, we found the plaintiff was appropriately cleared for surgery without evidence of negligent treatment pre or post operatively. We discussed some of the common complications of this procedure, which included heart failure. The attorney appreciated the candid discussion, and decided not to invest in a physician expert review.

Merit Merit Screen – Nursing Home Case

Minnie M’s daughter contacted our client, a plaintiff attorney, because her mother fell and developed several Stage 2 pressure sores in a subacute facility. Our client asked us to perform a nursing malpractice merit screen. We reviewed records to identify strengths and weakness regarding liability, presence of pre-existing conditions, any pertinent charting inconsistencies, and missing records. We concluded there was minimal liability for the fall, wounds that never progressed and healed, and no substantial permanent damages ...

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Research Research

7-year-old Jason W. died following an acute asthma attack. The plaintiff attorney asked us to research medical literature to identify National Asthma Guidelines and compare them with the care given by the defendant provider. We highlighted many safety violations and evidence of substandard care rendered by the treating pediatrician prior to and on the date of death. The attorney used our research to create questions for the defendant’s deposition addressing liability.

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Personal Injury Personal Injury Medical Case Evaluation

Our client asked us to look at the case of George G., a man who fell and was later involved in a motor vehicle accident. Our client wanted us to define which injuries and symptoms resulted from the MVA versus those that could be attributed to the fall. We developed an injury list and performed an analysis of the case’s strengths and weaknesses. Our client settled this case for the policy limits.

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What our clients are saying
“Modest Fee”

My firm has used OnPoint several times and has been very pleased with her services. If OnPoint cannot testify, they can point you in the right direction. Their fee for connecting you with an expert is modest.

— Mark Sereni
“Extremely helpful”

OnPoint was extremely helpful in providing Merit reviews and Certificates of Merit for my nursing home and medical malpractice cases. They were able to provide me with a number of quality nurse reviewers with impeccable credentials in order to facilitate the filing of a number of my cases.

— Ian Moss
“Your charts highlighted my clients’ injuries perfectly”

I settled another auto case that you worked on for the policy limit. I really understood the case strengths and weaknesses I had to deal with and your charts highlighted my clients’ injuries perfectly.

— W. Emerick
“When arbitration takes place, they will not need to attend!”

“The expert reports done by the OnPoint nurses were excellent and speak for themselves; when arbitration takes place, they will not need to attend!”

— S. Gambogi, Esq.
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Our team includes clinically active registered nurses who hold Masters degrees in Nursing and are also Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. We provide the research and evaluation you need to understand the issues in your case while locating the best medical expert witnesses to advance and win your case.

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