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Know Your Options. Win Your Case with an Expert Legal Nurse Consultant

When your high stakes injury case is on the line, let an OnPoint Legal Nurse Consultant take care of the detailed, organized reports and expert witnesses you need to make your case. You’ll be well prepared to meet your opponent at the settlement conference or in court—you’ll never be blindsided.
Most jurors have limited medical knowledge. We offer summaries, experts and visual presentations to help them understand the merits of your case and have proven to get higher settlements and win more cases since 1995.

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Legal Nurse Consulting


Our Legal Nurse Consultants give you a fair and truthful case evaluation so you can weed out weak cases and pursue those with merit. Their opinions cover liability, causation and damages, are fully substantiated, and their reports are focused and well organized. They can be your eyes and ears at a DME, offer comfort for your client or prepare medical visuals for mediation and trial.
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Expert Witnesses


A vast network of expert nurses, doctors and allied health providers, all currently working in their field, are up to date on new medical developments, techniques and technologies that balances the scale for your side in the battle of credibility. We’ll locate the right professional in the specialty your case requires so they will understand the facts being presented and how best to help you.
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Litigation Support Services


OnPoint has a streamlined and well defined process that makes us quick and easy to work with. We accept cases via email or phone, work paperless, and are available when you need us. When you need visual presentations to support the evidence at a hearing or trial, we’ll provide clear charts, timelines and illustrations that help juries understand complex medical histories.
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Mindy Cohen & Associates is now OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting! Same people, same personal touch, a broader range of services and now, nationwide!
We have been recognized over the years for excellence in Legal Nurse Consulting and Medical Expert Witness Location. Learn more



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Mindy Cohen and OnPoint were easy to work with and they provided reviews and chronologies quickly and efficiently. I would recommend her group to anyone looking for high quality merit screens and qualified experts."

Mindy provides a professional, impartial, detailed analysis of the medical records. She has the ability to translate the patient’s chart and bring the client’s hospital experience to life."

I highly recommend Mindy Cohen and OnPoint. Their experts are well screened, well qualified and carefully selected for the issues specific to each case."

Mindy Cohen and OnPoint were extremely helpful in providing Merit reviews and Certificates of Merit for my nursing home and medical malpractice cases."

Mindy Cohen and OnPoint has never failed to assist me in a time of need to find the expert I need in the quickest and most cost efficient way."

Mindy Cohen and OnPoint 'get it' and they're there for us. It's that simple."

Our firm is so impressed with your company and the quality of your work that we don’t really look to anyone else when our clients are in need. The first thing Mr. Lide yells is "Call Mindy Cohen’s office!!"

I want dependable and reliable professionals that take pride in what they do. I know how hard you work and I know your work is always right on point."

I have worked with you for years and the dedication and quality you bring to every project is always impressive."

Litigation Support from Intake to Resolution

Just starting a case and have a ton of medical records to organize and summarize?
Need a qualified nurse to attend the DME?
Need an expert witness to testify in court? Would a visual presentation help you explain things to a jury?
Is an accurate medical cost projection or billing audit help you with settlement?
We can help with an expert Legal Nurse Consultant to support you from the beginning to end of your case.

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