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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Dog bite Picture

Devastating Dog Bites

By OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting |

Devastating Dog Bites “OH, what a cute little doggy!” the child coos. That cute little doggy latches onto the child’s face, sometimes with catastrophic results. The anatomy of the dog’s mouth is responsible for the damage created. The dog’s front teeth grab and compress tissue, and the smaller teeth can also tear the skin…. Read More »

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Trucking Accidents Black Box

Trucking Accidents Black Box

By OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting |

The Importance of the Black Box “You can run but you can’t hide.” As the song title suggests, the purpose of the black box in a trucking crash is to prevent the trucking company and driver from hiding the events that led up to a crash. The black box has a couple of names:… Read More »

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