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COVID Nursing Home Injury


COVID and Nursing Home Injury

With the heightened awareness of elder abuse and the increase in nursing home injury, we are all concerned about the care older adults are receiving. Regardless of the setting, there is a lot of discussion around the care, or lack thereof, related to COVID-19. We are discussing and reviewing COVID-19-related cases with attorneys on a regular basis and are hearing about the challenges these cases may bring, as well as the best way to handle them.

Our own Ingrid Sidorov, MSN, RN, Program Coordinator for Long Term Care, is passionate about the care of older adults and has practiced nursing for more than 40 years, 30 of those as a geriatric masters prepared Clinical Nurse Specialist. Ingrid has managed OnPoint’s geriatric program for the past four years.

Ingrid and the OnPoint team can assist you with this type of case, and we pride ourselves on timely responses to your case inquires. We can provide merit screens with verbal opinion or chronologies with a summary. We can locate clinically active experts who have experience with long-term care and will review cases in a timely manner.

We have experts to serve your needs including:

  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Wound care nurses
  • Bedside nurses/supervisors
  • Therapists
  • Geriatricians
  • Physician experts for causation

Please keep us in mind if your case could benefit from a chronology, summary, merit screens, pain and suffering report, or assistance with deposition questions.

Feel free to reach out to Ingrid at with any questions or if you want to discuss a case in more detail.

Kimm Ebersole, MHA, BSN, RN
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