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How Can a Qualified Medical Expert Witness Maximize the Value of Your Case?


How Can a Qualified Medical Expert Witness Maximize the Value of Your Case?

Sometimes an attorney may be required to provide a medical or nursing expert witness to testify in personal injury or medical malpractice litigation. An expert witness is a person with extensive experience or knowledge in a specific field or discipline beyond that expected from a layperson. The expert witness’s duty is to apply their expertise to give a professional opinion to the tribunal or court on particular matters in dispute. The attorney expects the expert witness to review all facts in evidence, including medical records, deposition testimony, and other information obtained during discovery.

The value of a medical expert witness
The expertise that a medical expert witness lends to a case can be very valuable. Oftentimes, it is indispensable. An outstanding medical expert witness can testify in detail about the nature of a plaintiff’s injuries, offer objective and informed insight, and provide important corroboration for other testimonies. In many instances, it is the honesty, credibility, and special knowledge of a medical expert witness that makes or breaks a case.

What precisely can a medical expert witness bring to the table in a personal injury or other trial?

One benefit of including an expert witness in your case is their ability to provide clarity to the trial participants. It is difficult to serve effectively as an attorney, judge, or juror without a full understanding of the facts of the case. A medical expert witness will clarify terminology, medical events, and outcomes for the triers of fact.

An objective and expert evaluation of facts can add significant credibility to your case. Judges and jurors may consider a testimony to be more reliable if it has been corroborated by an expert’s informed opinion. The validity that a medical expert witness can bring to your case will often far outweigh the costs associated with hiring such a witness.

Professional opinion
While a lay witness will generally be expected to present their objective observations to the court, an expert witness is retained to present their professional opinions. A physician or other medical expert has specialized knowledge, education, and experience to provide unbiased, scientific evaluations. An excellent expert witness will be able to offer an impartial, professional opinion to support the court’s understanding of facts. Many juries have been effectively persuaded by well-informed and well-spoken expert witnesses.

A neutral perspective
Expert witnesses bring inherent value to a case by offering testimony without any personal connection to the case. This makes their perspective uniquely neutral. Other witnesses might know one or both parties in a case, or they might feel personally affected by events they witnessed.

Medical expert testimony in a personal injury case
In a personal injury or medical malpractice case, there can be many contested details about how exactly an injury occurred and which party is at fault. Whether you are bolstering your own client’s claim or cross-examining a witness, having a medical expert witness at hand can help you win your case.

In the case of a slip and fall accident, a medical expert witness will be able to explain the exact nature of the fall based on the types of injuries the plaintiff sustained. If a plaintiff was injured in an auto accident, a medical expert witness will use his or her professional knowledge, training, and experience to corroborate the plaintiff’s testimony.

Choosing the best medical expert witness for your case
When it comes to choosing a medical professional to serve as a witness, many factors come into play. Here are some important aspects to consider as you make your selection:

What precise specialty pertains to your case?
To get the maximum value from your witness, be careful to choose a medical expert in the exact field that applies to your case. Be as precise as possible when considering their area of expertise.

For example, imagine that you are representing a plaintiff who has sustained a knee injury in a bike accident. You want an orthopedic doctor to serve as a witness. The best orthopedic doctor is one who has expertise in treating traumatic knee injuries. A physician who has experience in dealing with similar injuries can offer statements regarding the details of treating and recovering from such an injury, the long-term effects, and even relevant research evidence to support your client’s case.

How qualified is your expert witness candidate?
Of course, it is important to make sure that the medical expert you choose is well-qualified. Are they board-certified? How long have they been practicing in their specialty? The process of preparing your medical expert witness for testimony will be easier if they are well-qualified. Ensuring their qualification will also help maximize the value of your case. A worthy attorney opponent will very likely attack the qualifications of your expert witness. OnPoint’s expert witness location team will make sure your expert’s qualifications are “bullet-proof.”

Has your candidate served as an expert witness in the past?
While previous experience as a medical expert witness may not be the most important factor in a witness candidate’s qualifications, prior experience can be quite helpful. An experienced medical expert witness will likely not require as much preparation before providing testimony, and knowing the ropes could allow them to offer more insight into your case.

Find the best medical expert witnesses with OnPoint – Why Choose Us
Our Program Directors will discuss your case with you to ensure you are engaging the best type of expert for your case needs. We do not simply provide experts from our database–we will perform a national search to find experts specifically credentialed to match the defendant’s credentials, including the ability to perform a specific procedure.

The attorney and expert have direct access to one another, but our team is happy to facilitate communication, provide follow-up to ensure deadlines are met, and assist you in case management. This will save time for you and your staff.

Finding a credible and reliable medical expert witness requires time and thorough research. You can make the process easier by contacting OnPoint. Whatever clinical specialty you may need for your case, we can provide you with a knowledgeable and dependable professional to serve as an expert witness.

Would you like to speak with us about how we can help you find an excellent medical expert witness and maximize the value of your case? Please feel free to contact us. You can call OnPoint at 610-520-9350 or email Dawn at

Dawn Montagno, RN, BSN, MJ
Program Director
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