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Legal Nurse Consulting

How We Support the Attorneys We Serve

What Legal Nurse Consulting can do for your case

A legal nurse consultant bridges the gap between medicine and the law in litigation. Since medical records form the basis of claims, OnPoint legal nurses provide you with an analysis crucial to developing a winning case.

Be smarter than your adversary

Get the facts you need for your case from the medical records and literature so you’ll be armed and ready in any face off with opposing counsel. We uncover the details and find the smoking gun that can give you the edge.

Never be blindsided by the other side

We build you a stronger case by highlighting strengths and exposing weaknesses. Through our timelines and analysis of the medical records, you can anticipate your opponent’s position, plan your strategy and avoid unpleasant surprises in court. When you have the facts nailed down, you’ll never be blindsided.

The smallest detail can make a difference in winning your case

Before you get to a courtroom, you need to have your opponent locked down. Our job is to make sure you have the information you need to make yours a winning case.

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The smallest detail can make a difference in winning your case.

You know how much time and effort it takes to prepare for trial and how critical it is to overprepare and out prepare the other side. We know it too. Let’s work together for your success.

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