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Record Retrieval and Bookmarking

Record Retrieval and Indexing

Do You Need Help Getting the Records You Need?

We have a team of retrieval specialists who will take the burden from you and retrieve all of your necessary medical records, leaving you more time to focus on the important aspects of your case.

Do Medical Records Come in Faster Than Your Staff Can Organize Them?

When medical records arrive, you are overwhelmed with the volume and disorganization.

Your medical expert wants the records organized, but you want your staff free to help you with other priorities.

Let OnPoint turn chaos into order with bookmarked, indexed files that save time for your staff, legal nurse and your expert ultimately saving you money.

Why organize with OnPoint?

  • You are drowning in medical records.
  • Medical records come in faster than your staff can organize them.
  • Your medical experts tell you they want organized medical records, but you don’t have the resources to send them that way.
  • You wonder if your expert witness bills are higher than they should be because the experts are wading through unorganized medical records.
  • You find it frustrating to try to locate a key piece of information in the records.
  • You will know early in your case that crucial records maybe missing and you will receive a list of the missing records.
  • Your support staff are spending their time putting records into order, when they could be doing something else to help you.

Lawyer needing Medical Records Organization

How medical records organization benefits you

Give us your paper or electronic files, and we’ll return a bookmarked, indexed file that will enable you and your medical experts to quickly review them.

The way we organize records allows you and your experts to go right to a specific section of or document in the medical record, saving you time looking through reams of material.

Here’s what you will get:

  • Medical records bookmarked, Bates numbered, indexed, separated into sections, accurately and logically named
  • An easy to navigate paper file with tabs, or a PDF file with bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Peace of mind knowing that an experienced legal nurse consultant has put order into chaos

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