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About OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting

We Know What You Need to Make Your Case

OnPoint has built a national practice since 1995 helping attorneys win their cases. We marshal the evidence you need with detailed, structured reports, easy to understand graphics and substantiated opinions. Our expert witnesses can help you win the battle of credibility, pre-trial or on the stand. Before you get to court, you have your opponent locked down.

Have an army of legal nurses and expert witnesses on your side

Our legal nurse consultants and expert witnesses are current clinically in fields related to your case so they are up to date on new ideas, techniques and technologies. Our vast clinical network is at your disposal to help balance the scale for your side.

We make complex information simple

We know that few attorneys and jurors have a medical background. Our reports are clear, persuasive and written so that non-medical people can understand the merits of your case. We create on-point, concise visuals to help them see it your way in mediation or court.

We won’t waste a nickel of your money or time

We have our process nailed down so that it is efficient and organized. Our legal nurse consultants follow a time-tested method for analyzing and reporting back to you. We check in with our experts to help them focus and stay on track. This efficiency and timeliness helps keep legal costs under control.

Our Process

With 22+ years of legal Nurse Consulting behind us and handling over 400 new cases each year, we have our process nailed down. You will find us easy to work with and accessible when you need us.

Litigation Support from Evaluation to Trial

With a vast network of legal nurses and medical expert witnesses in every specialty and a well-defined process, you get:

  • The right consultant or expert who understands the issues of your case
  • A fair and truthful evaluation you know is unbiased
  • A summary of medical records you can rely on to get you up to speed on your case facts
  • Forewarning of case weaknesses noted in the records so you are not blindsided in court
  • A focused, organized report so you are well prepared for mediation or trial
  • Accurate causation or prognosis statements to support your case
  • An opportunity to weed out weak cases so you don’t throw good money into bad cases
  • Ongoing consultation to strategize the medical aspects of your case through to mediation and trial


What We Do

We can take a banker’s box of documents, organize it, condense it, and give it back to you, electronically, as you need it along with a targeted timeline and analysis and expert opinion. Our attorneys and their experts or consultants can easily find what they need when they need it and always be on top of their game. We handle the medical components so you can focus on legal strategy and winning your case.


Who We Work With

  • Attorneys, government agencies, and insurance companies.
  • Any case involving illness or injury: Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect, Workers Comp, Mass Tort, Product Liability, Pharmaceuticals, Criminal, Employment, Family Law

Talk to an OnPoint Legal Nurse or Expert Today!

Call us today and see why our attorneys keep coming back to us!

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The smallest detail can make a difference in winning your case.

You know how much time and effort it takes to prepare for trial and how critical it is to overprepare and out prepare the other side. We know it too. Let’s work together for your success.

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