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Medical Malpractice

OnPoint Medical-Legal Consulting provides invaluable services and support to plaintiffs’ attorneys in medical malpractice cases nationwide. Our company can help you understand the medical issues in your case at the outset; locate a medical expert who can certify as to the merits of your case, and provide expert support through litigation and trial in the areas of expert testimony, evaluation of damages, trial graphics and more.

We provide litigation support across the spectrum of medical malpractice cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and throughout the United States including:

  • Surgical Errors
  • Birth Injuries
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to Diagnose
  • Medication Errors
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Failure to Obtain Informed Consent
  • Failure to Obtain Patient Information
  • Failure to Provide Proper Treatment
  • IV Infiltration
  • Nursing Errors
  • Unnecessary Procedures
  • Emergency Room Errors
  • Post-Operative Infections
  • And More

Medical Expert Witness

As a medical malpractice trial lawyer, you probably have a good comfort level working with medical terms and conveying medical facts to a jury. Regardless of your medical knowledge, you’ll still need a qualified expert witness to get the evidence on the record in a persuasive fashion. OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting works with qualified, vetted medical experts with the skills and ability to opine on medical malpractice matters convincingly in a deposition or at trial.

Evaluation of damages

Our medical experts review hospital bills and other records as part of a comprehensive analysis of economic damages as well as pain and suffering damages. For long-term, permanent or catastrophic injuries, we build a life care plan that serves as a roadmap for the injury victim and their family as well as a solid justification for future medical costs and needs. We can also conduct the necessary analysis to ensure Medicare’s interests are considered and protected as required by law, including creating and submitting Medicare Set Aside reports to CMS as needed.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Hospital records are important in any injury case, but in medical malpractice claims, they are often key. Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants retrieve medical records, and organize and index them. We can also provide case analysis, timelines/chronologies and trial exhibits that help your team, opposing counsel, judges and juries clearly understand the complex medical issues related to liability and damages in your case.

For help with a medical malpractice case in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, or nationwide, call OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting in Philadelphia for a quick response from an experienced legal support team qualified and ready to handle all your needs.

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