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Medical Research / Mediation & Trial Graphics

Medical Research

Get the Medical Research You Need to Support Your Case. Leave no stone unturned on medical issues or expert witnesses.
The devil is in the details, not only in the medical records but in the medical literature. Accurate, fact-based research can support your client’s claims or weaken your opponent’s case.

Why have OnPoint do your medical research?

  • You know you have an upcoming deposition of a key physician expert and wonder if he has written anything that contradicts his opinion in your case.
  • You want to determine if there is medical support that the injury caused the plaintiff’s medical condition.
  • You wonder if there is medical validity to the plaintiff’s claims of permanency.
  • You need to know the standard of care at the time of the plaintiff’s treatment.
  • You are concerned about how the medical literature supports or challenges your theory of the case.

We can help!

Let us wade through the medical literature to give you the research you need. Our legal nurse consultants are all current in their fields, and understand medical research key words to quickly identify the relevant information that matters to your case.

Here’s what you will get:

  • A summary of how the literature supports or refutes the medical issues
  • Your staff will be freed up to focus on other case requirements

OnPoint presents the medical research you need to support your case.Let us summarize the medical literature you need to define issues that support or challenge your case.

Mediation And Trial Graphics

Trial Graphics and Litigation Support

A picture is worth a thousand words! Helping jurors understand complex medical conditions and follow a fact pattern in your case is more easily achieved through a visual than the spoken word.

Whether for mediation or trial, OnPoint helps you develop trial graphics, medical charts, illustrations and powerpoint presentations essential to making your case.

Contact us for a presentation.

How trial graphics help your case

  • You are concerned the jury would not be able to comprehend the medical concepts that are key to your case.
  • You want to show a timeline of care in a simple to understand graphic.
  • You wish you had a way to show the before and after conditions of the plaintiff.
  • You need to make the invisible visible to the adjustor, opposing counsel or jury.

We can help!

When you are getting ready for a mediation or trial, we can take the medical facts and translate them into clear, colorful graphics to help the fact finder make sense of the information.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Planning with you to define what you would like the fact finder to understand about the medical facts.
  • Drafts for you and your experts to review.
  • Revisions until you are satisfied with the exhibits.
  • Finished, polished, clear visuals that explain your information.
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The smallest detail can make a difference in winning your case.

You know how much time and effort it takes to prepare for trial and how critical it is to overprepare and out prepare the other side. We know it too. Let’s work together for your success.

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