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Personal Injury

Whether you’re in a large firm or a solo practice, OnPoint is here to help support you as you build and prove your case. We give you the information you need to thoroughly understand the medical-legal issues in your case and the tools you need to put forward a compelling case to the judge, jury, mediator, or insurance company. OnPoint can help with any personal injury matter including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Premises Liability
  • Railroad Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

Qualified Medical Expert Witnesses and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Maximize the value of your case with expert assistance in defining the injury and evaluation of damages; economic damage and pain and suffering evaluation to medical cost projections and life care plans for catastrophic or permanent injuries. Our medical expert witnesses provide you with the opinions to help you evaluate your case. Expert Fact Witnesses can testify to the contents of voluminous records and prepare detailed reports to explain complex medical records so that non-medical people can more easily understand your client’s injuries and care. The Expert Fact Witness can also testify at deposition and trial.

Our record retrieval team can request and obtain the medical records you need for your case to give your staff more time to concentrate on other case responsibilities. Our skilled legal nurse consultants organize, analyze and summarize all the medical records relevant to your case, and identify missing records. This enables a more efficient, cost-effective expert review.

If you are in one of the states with a no-fault or limited tort insurance scheme, like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Florida, your car accident case won’t get off the ground unless you can prove a severe, permanent, long-lasting or disabling injury as required by the laws in your jurisdiction. Our research and consulting services can help you determine from the outset whether you have a case worth pursuing in terms of economic value and the provability of the contested issues.

The Information You Need to Prove Your Case

The defendant’s insurance company will often allege that the plaintiff’s injury was due to a preexisting condition, or that the plaintiff is exaggerating a minor or nonexistent injury. OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting can provide you with the ammunition you need to rebut these arguments. We retrieve, organize, summarize and evaluate medical records that document and establish the plaintiff’s medical history, cause of injury, severity of injury and prognosis. We identify any documentation in the records that addresses causation and develop a list of missing records. We document strengths and weaknesses of the cases, as well as areas of concern/questions/”red flags” you need to be aware of so that you are not caught off guard. We can develop a detailed chronology to better understand what happened when and also suggest potential expert specialties to review the case. We can attend any medical examinations required by the defense and serve as your eyes and ears during these critical exams.

Medicare Set-Asides

Even if your personal injury case isn’t bound by a specific statutory requirement to create a Medicare Set Aside, there is still a general statutory requirement to protect Medicare’s status as a secondary payer. Our certified MSA providers and legal nurse consultants can help you document that Medicare’s interests were considered and reasonably protected, even if an MSA is not ultimately required.

The Litigation Support You Need for Your Personal Injury Case

OnPoint can help you evaluate, understand and advance your personal injury case to maximize your settlement or verdict. For help with a personal injury matter in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida or anywhere in the country, call OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting in Philadelphia for outstanding expert witnesses, legal nurse consulting and litigation support.

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